The Sacrifice

We have sacrificed everything.
We have sacrificed cultures for progress.
We have sacrificed species to house our children.
We have sacrificed the landscape in order to possess it.
We have sacrificed mystery for a formula, beauty for ideas,
Liberty for security.
We have sacrificed “Us” for “Me”.
We have left traces of ourselves everywhere,
And we walk on towards the ultimate sacrifice :
Drowning in our own image.

None of that is very important, Because in the immolation, we will have a glimpse of our destiny :

We are going to sacrifice everything,
We are going to sacrifice music in order to hear silence,
We are going to sacrifice color in order to enter the picture,
We are going to sacrifice words in order to find presence again.
We are going to sacrifice innovation in order to find the origin again.
And we will sacrifice “Me” in order for us to return home.

Beyond what we will have lost,
Is what we can never possess.

We can never HAVE what we ARE.

-Guy Laramée, March 2008