El amor por las montañas

El amor por las montañas nos curara, Ruth once said. My Mexican artist friend could not sum up more nicely my long standing love affair with landscape. “Our love for mountains will heal us”. Heal us of what? Of over thinking? Of our obsession with knowledge? Of greed? In fact it doesn’t matter. When you recover health, the only thing you can say is “sickness is over”. Health is like love. Try to describe it and you’re out of it.

13th century Zen master Dogen was going more or less in the same direction when he said:

Altough it is said that mountains belong to the country,
actually they belong to those who love them.

Now tell me : do mountains belong to mountain lovers or isn’t it the opposite, that mountain lovers belong to mountains ? What does “belong” mean, when we are not even sure that we own our own bodies? Isn’t it that we actually belong to “all this”, to “life”? When you feel most alive, don’t you feel that “something” bigger than you runs into your veins? My work is about making us feel more alive. It is about losing yourself in the landscape and paradoxically, finding that you are the source of it all.

Haiku translator, poet and writer Robert Blyth was going that way when he wrote

The mind is seen in the stone.

I would like my art to do that: to allow you to you see yourself in a stone. Because ultimately, we are not in the world, the world is in us.